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Coconut Vanilla Cream Pie Body Butter 

 Love the body butter and also the soap, the body butter is really moisturizing I can't wait to buy more.

Zulaya on Sep 14, 2021

My kids and I love this product! It's really great for my son's skin! He used to break out very bad weekly. Alhamdulilah with this eczema salve he has little to no breakouts or itching!!!! I still use it for him after he showers and it gives his skin enough moisture until the next application. 

Barakah Tadjou on Aug 13, 2021

Herbal Soap

I have horrible eczema and I've used all types of creams, ointments, and treatments. Nothing has worked, this soap right here is freaking magic. It stopped the itching, rough skin, and darkness. It's like it was never there. This is amazing.

Jordyn Melon on Aug 25, 2021

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Our mission is to provide you and your loved ones with affordable quality skincare that your body needs and craves. We are all about self-care and choosing the best natural ingredients that suit your skins every need. 

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Ryan, Mumina

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Hey loves, if you are reading this then I am grateful that you found me and my business! I just want to start off by saying thank you for being here and supporting a small business, it really means a lot. A little about me, I am a full time student studying Child Development and I love everything related to skin and hair care.  I embarked on this journey to share with you guys a healthy and more natural way to take care of your skin and hair. I was somewhat forced into finding remedies and products that worked well with my skin because I had really bad acne. After going through so many different products and trying out multiple skincare brands I finally decided to make my own skincare because nothing worked for me. I am happy to say my skin has improved tremendously. I started this business on August 4th 2019 and I only hope it moves forward from here. 



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